Clinton Doss is Born!

I had business in Tulsa and I called Stephany to see how she was doing.  She said she had felt pretty sickly kind of like the flu.  I asked her to call the OB/GYN  Dr. to see what they had to say.  We had just had our checkup on Wednesday and the baby was doing fine.  By the time Stephany had called and they were able to respond to her, I had made it back to Cherryvale.  I left to pick her up and take her to Delivery just to be checked out.

After some examination by the nurse, Stephany's Dr. showed up to check her out.  She knew things were not exactly right and since the baby was term, we decided to break the water and let the baby come.  There was a series of craziness over the next few hours.  We went from the flu to labor to expected delivery around midnight to requiring a C-Section to ending up with an emergency C-Section.  Ends up there were two problems that led to the C-Section, an infection and the placenta was detaching from the uterine wall.  Had the detachment been complete, the baby's womb life support would have shut down and he would not have survived.  The baby was delivered in 4 minutes.

When I made it into the room, the baby was under a heat lamp and Stephany had not yet been sewn back together.  I was checking out the baby and Stephany asked what is the baby's name?  I said you don't know the sex??  She said no, so I told her the name we had picked out- Clinton Doss.  Everything had turned so emergency and happened so fast she had not even learned that it was a boy!  So even though I was not in the room for delivery, I felt special since I got to tell her we had a son!  From a biological perspective, it was interesting to watch the doctors sew Stephany's insides back together.

We owe praise worship and thanks to our Heavenly Father who kept both mama and baby safe and healthy!  Our family and church family offered up many prayers and they were answered.  God gave our Doctor the wisdom to recognize the problem and the whole chain of events to result in miraculous life!

Timber is the nurse who checked Stephany out when we arrived at the hospital.  She is one the one who determined that the doctor had better come in.  She called the Dr.  who was already in the elevator on her way in.  Now that is timing!
Dr. Javine Horani McLaughlin was our doctor from the beginning of the pregnancy in January thru the birth the first full moon in August 2012.  She is super nice and friendly and we have enjoyed our visits with her and her staff.  She has an incredible nurse named Carol who also played a role in our adventure.  Most of the time patients are referred to their regular doctor when sick, but she called Dr. McLaughlin who advised we better get to the Delivery for a checkup.
This is what Clinton Doss looked like just a short time after he was born.  His cries were kind of quiet, but I think his lungs are getting stronger.  He doesn't really like getting his diaper changed.  Some times he squeeks!  Dr. Kelly Gorman is Clinton's pediatrician.  She made sure he did not get any of the infection. (She told the incredible nurse staff  what to do and they took care of things).  The nurses at the Hospital were all pretty amazing, very nice and helpful.  They never got impatient with us.

Grand Daddy May was the first relative to come visit Clinton.  This is impart due to his friend Tommy hunt who has seen every episode of Speed Racer and can apply all of the skills. This is not to imply that other grandparents were slow, had this been a race, he would have had a run for his money!  The Lapina grandparents are busting at the seams to get out here, but are delaying at our request to keep us from being over whelmed (and to protect Clinton too, we want no tug of wars!).  Their week delay will also extend the time that we can use grandma and grandpa assistance.  Stephany's mom Andrea and her husband John arrived Sunday morning. Grand Daddy and Grandy were both experts at calming baby Clinton.

Stephen May More Pictures later!  Click on photos to see full sized photos or go to:

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