Clinton Doss is Home!

Clinton's Grandy gives him a kiss.  Notice he is quite yellow in this photo.  His bellyrubin spiked Saturday night and we had to take him to the hospital Sunday.  He was pretty lethargic.  We followed the doctors instructions and prayed for the little guy and by the next day he looked much better and became more alert.  Grandy.JPG (488478 bytes)
grandpaJohn.JPG (142448 bytes) Grandpa John seemed a bit nervous around Clinton at first, but by the end of a week's visit, John took quite a liking to Clinton.  I think the feelings were mutual, because he was always calm when John held him.
GandG.JPG (562797 bytes) Two sets of grandparents were able to visit Clinton for a brief time on Saturday and Sunday.  I think the excitement wore him out! grandpap.JPG (517500 bytes)


Buford.JPG (550189 bytes)

Clinton sort of meets Kitty Buford.  I think Buford wanted to introduce himself, but Clinton was too sleepy

SandC.JPG (133714 bytes)

Clinton takes a nap on his mama after he spent the day wearing her out.

mealtime.JPG (245174 bytes)

Clinton catches a mile meal while the local youth show off their heifers at the Inter-State Fair and Rodeo in Coffeyville, KS.


Clinton's second week in the outside world ends just a few short hours after this event.  He is now enjoying his 3rd week.

More Pictures later!  Click on photos to see full sized photos.